Camp Rules


The residential pony camp is running this year from Monday 8th July – Friday 12th July, at Ballindenisk, Watergrasshill,Co. Cork  and should prove to be a brilliant week in with loads of activities planned.

– Read and re-read the camp information sheet and make sure that you don’t forget anything.

– Children are only required to wear their club gear for the first morning and last day.  This is beige/white jods, white shirt and club tie and either show jacket/club jersey and their club xc top for the xc section (if they have one otherwise club jumper).  We are holding a one day event type competition on the last day so they will be required to wear full gear on the last day as well.  Thereafter they can wear white polo shirts and any colour jods they wish. 

*We would like the children to try and do as much as safety will allow, if your child is able please allow them to lead in from the field, tack up, brush and feed their ponies we would like them to go home learning as much as possible. Thank You!!


Parental help & support needed to ensure camp is a success.


These rules are designed to help with the safe and efficient and happy running of our Summer Camp.  All we ask is that common sense prevails and that you take care of your safety and that of your pony/horse.

MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Children may use a supervisor’s phone if they wish to talk to their parents alternatively parents can phone any of the supervisors to make contact with their child – a list of supervisors phone numbers will be posted to the what’s app group. Any Phones which are found on camp will be confiscated and either given to the respective parents or held by the DC and will not be given back until camp is over.

Ponies must be fit and able for four hours riding per day. Also, please ensure that your pony has an up to date worming and vaccination record.

•             Entrance gates to be kept closed at all times.

•             Strictly no smoking, drinking alcohol or use of any prohibited substances on penalty of Expulsion.

•             No bullying or name calling allowed.

•             No member of camp should leave camp premises without prior consent from supervisor on duty and should be accompanied by parent/guardian or appointed adult.

•             Everyone should be in their accommodation when requested each night and remain there until 7.30am next morning (with exception of going to the toilet).  Anyone causing a disturbance outside their accommodation after lights out will be asked to go home at night for the remainder of camp.

•             No matches, candles, gas or aerosols allowed anywhere on site.

•             All tack will be subject to a tack inspection on Monday Morning (please check stitching, buckles etc. before coming to camp).

•             Hats & Body Protectors (to current approved standards) to be worn at all times when mounted or around pony/horse.

  • No jewellery except watches to be worn whilst riding.
  • No ponies to be brought in from the field before 9am

•             We are lucky to be invited to our camp by Ballindenisk Event Centre.  Please respect the premises, land and especially take care not to litter – litter bins are provided.

•             No one other than a paid member of pony club can ride at camp.

•             No friends, siblings can stay overnight.

•             Any boy found in girls accommodation or girl in boy accommodation after the curfew  will be sent immediately home by the supervisor, their parents shall be contacted and will be asked to collect them straight away – no matter what the time.

•             Respect instructors & supervisors.

•             If the pony/horse stays the child must stay

As Balindenisk is a working farm the farmyard and machinery will be STRICTLY out of bounds, we will be operating a red card system for restricted areas of the farm, one card a warning, 2 cards you will be omitted from a fun activity, 3 cards and you will be requested to go home. As the Pony Club have gone so stringent on Health and Safety we have taken the decision to do this for everyone’s safety.

Camp concludes on Friday 12th July at 4pm.  The children will have a one day event on the last day and will be required to wear their full club gear for that day – beige/white jods, white shirt and club tie and either show jacket/club jersey, their club xc top for the xc section. Prize giving at three o’clock followed by CLEAN UP.

 We will try our best to put friends together and also have riders of roughly the same ability together. The groups will be posted the weekend before camp and we will do our best to keep everybody happy. They are not set in stone and can be swopped around if needs be.

Everything must be taken down on the last day of camp! Including ALL tent pegs please!!!