Pony Club Tests

Tests are taken by members at various stages as they progress through Pony Club.

All tests are optional but members are encouraged to do the tests as they build kids’ confidence in handling and riding a pony as well as improving their understanding of the care and well-being of ponies. 

Everything you need to know about these tests can be found on the main Irish Pony Club website. We have provided an overview below. 

Dates for upcoming tests will be posted in the calendar and on the South Union Facebook Page. 

The Tests

E Test – This is an official voluntary test for young new members. It is not necessary to either take or pass this Test before attempting the D test. Candidates should be accompanied by an adult helper.  The Test may be taken on or off the lead. 

D Test – Minimum Age 8: Disc Colour Yellow.  Riders must have a basic knowledge of riding and handling a pony.  Jumping is not required.  This test is taken within the members’ own branch. 

D+ Test – Minimum Age 10: Disc Colour White.  D+ test riders should be able to walk, trot and canter.  D+ test is always taken within a member’s own branch.  Candidates must be properly prepared and up to the standard.  D+ standard is the minimum standard for all IPC competitions except for the mini games.

C Test – Minimum Age 12: Disc Colour Green.  C test riders should be able to ride confidently  with a secure seat, in balanced position in trot and canter, on the flat and up and down hills.  They should also be working towards the Riding and Road Safety Test. This test is required for members wishing to do Junior Eventing and the Hunter Trial Championships.

C+ Test – Minimum Age 14: Disc Colour Pink. C+ riders will demonstrate C test level riding as well as show a turn on the forehand, leg yielding and capability to jump a variety of show jumps and cross-country fences in an open field.

Riding & Road Safety Test   – Minimum Age 12: 

The aim of the Riding and Road Safety Certificate Test is to:

  • Alert riders to the potential dangers of riding on roads. 
  • Ensure candidates have sound knowledge of the precautions that must be taken to minimise these dangers. 
  • Test the candidates’ reaction to situations as they arise.
  • Test the candidates’ control over their horses and the ability to ride safely. 
  • Test their understanding of their responsibilities as road users.

B Standard Test – Minimum Age 16. Disc Colour Red.  The B test will be organised by the Area Representative.  The B test aims to show that the rider has become an efficient and an educated horse-person who knows the reasoning behind their actions. Candidates may take the H test with this certificate but not the A test. 

B+ Standard Test – Minimum Age 18.  Disc Colour Lilac. The B+ test is organised by the Irish Pony Club Office.  This test aims to enable candidates to achieve a high standard in riding horses on the flat, and over fences, and become practical in their assessment and training of horses from an early age to development. Candidates should hold a current First Aid Certificate and Safeguarding 1 Certificate.