Camp Information for Parents

SUPC Camp Supervisor Duties 2019
All Supervisors on duty must wear High Vis Gilets or SUPC T shirt/Jacket to identify themselves to the Instructors and Campers
The expectation is that each family with a member attending Camp will do one substantial job (e.g. overnight supervision), or several smaller jobs (e.g. other supervision slots). An outline of each duty on the roster is given below for anyone not familiar with what happens at camp.

We also expect families to help tidy up the grounds and dismantle Camp on Friday evening, so that we leave everything as we found it.  Every family must please take at least one bag of rubbish home with them on Friday.  Thanks in advance to everyone for their help.
To help us out dinners will very kindly be supplied Monday and Tuesday evenings of camp by Debbie and we will have a pizza night on Wednesday. The Family BBQ is on Thursday for everyone, please contact Karen to arrange bringing a side dish or dessert/ minerals.

Night-time Supervisors : Sunday to Thursday night, 8pm – 7.30 am. One male and one female each night.  Supervise lights out. Please make sure that you have applied for Garda vetting if volunteering for this (ask one of the committee for a form)

Breakfast Duty: 7.30-8.30 am Monday to Friday. Get children up, Supervise Feeding of ponies, prepare and serve breakfast.
Morning Supervisors : 
Monday to Friday, 9 – 1.30. At 9am supervise bringing in ponies from the field.  Children wearing helmets and boots and adults high viz gear.  Ponies to be led in head collars.  Have children ready to ride for 10.00am. Serve water, squash and biscuits to each ride at 11.00 – 11.30am.

Lunch Duty: 12-2pm Monday to Friday, prepare and serve lunches, clear up afterwards, take rubbish home
Afternoon Supervisors :  Monday to Friday 1.30 – 4.30.
Get children ready to ride for 2.00pm. Serve mid-afternoon drinks and snacks to all rides.  Supervise returning ponies to field at 4- 4.30pm approx.  Ponies must be correctly head collared, children wearing helmets and boots, adults wearing high viz gear. Boots to be worn at all times, no flip flops/ soft shoes. Water buckets must be checked and filled.  

Dinner Duty 4.30-7pm Monday to Thursday 
Evening Supervisors: Monday to Wednesday 6pm – 8pm Supervise evening activities.
All parents and children: No ponies to be brought in any morning before 9am. At lunchtime and 4pm make sure ponies get to field safely and children wear helmets and boots at all times around ponies. Ensure all ponies/horses are fed and watered and any stables used are cleaned out properly.
Friday Afternoon All parents :  
Help with dismantling of Camp and take rubbish home